Harvard Law School, Emory University

Your case deserves the highest quality attorney, with a proven track record of excellence in and out of the courtroom.

Experienced in Complex Issues

Aaron has represented clients from NBA All-Stars, NFL Super Bowl winners, and Grammy award-winning artists, to middle-class professionals, stay-at-home parents, and small business owners. Whatever your work or financial situation, he knows how to position your case to receive the best outcome possible.

Stay on Top of Your Case

Receive access to an online portal where you can view every pleading filed with the court as well as every case subpoena, document, or letter to or from your attorney in one convenient place.

Top Notch Litigator

While many attorneys shrink in the courtroom, Aaron is highly skilled in both negotiation and litigation, having tried dozens of cases over more than a decade.

Proven Trial Record

Did you know that Georgia is one of a small number of states that allow jury trials for the financial part of your divorce? Aaron is one of very few family law attorneys with experience trying over a dozen jury trials AND countless trials before a judge.

Efficiency Through Technology

While other attorneys waste your time and money searching through boxes of documents for the one they need, Aaron uses modern technology to ensure every document in your case is accessible digitally in seconds.

Your Goals are My Goals

Divorce, custody battles, and child support cases are often emotional and stressful. Your relationship with your attorney shouldn’t add to the stress. Aaron brings a client-centered thoughtful approach that puts your ultimate outcome above everything else.

Work with an attorney with
trial experience

While most family law cases settle out of court, often you’ll need to resolve at least one issue before a judge. Don’t take chances with an attorney who can’t perform in the courtroom. Aaron has tried and won dozens of cases in front of both juries and judges throughout Metro Atlanta.

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Family Law Practice Areas

Family Law Practice Areas